Croatia, Zadar
North Dalmatia, an exquisite diamond of the Adriatic Sea, serves as a gateway to a realm of adventures. Dotted with emerald islands and fringed by azure waters, this region stands as a testament to time, combining ancient cities with stunning natural beauty. Here, you can navigate through the maze of the Kornati archipelago, delve into the rich cultural heritage of Zadar, or relax on the tranquil beaches of Murter. Every moment in North Dalmatia brings a new discovery, an unforgettable experience under the sun-kissed Mediterranean sky. It's not just a destination; it's a thrilling journey steeped in history, beauty, and the timeless allure of the sea.
Begin your adventure in Zadar, a city teeming with history and culture. Straddling the line between the ancient and contemporary, Zadar boasts Roman-era ruins interwoven with modern architectural gems.
The total length of the route is about 140 nautical miles.
Since the islands in this region are relatively compact, the points of the suggested route can be easily modified or excluded depending on weather conditions and the crew's mood.
The sailing time is approximate and calculated based on an average sailing speed of 6 knots. The actual time will depend on the choice of the marina, weather conditions, yacht specifications, and crew skills.
Zadar - Murter
Day 1 - yacht check-in day. Embark on your adventure from Zadar with early yacht check-in and plan your first stop on Murter Island. Once you reach it you'll find yourself immersed in a world of sandy beaches, crystal-clear water, and quaint old stone houses. Engage in water sports, explore the local restaurants serving fresh seafood, or unwind with a leisurely stroll through the island's charming streets.
Recommended docking spots Murter:
Marina Hramina
The large anchorage opposite the Marina
21 nm, 3.5 h
Murter - Tijat
Day 2 - Sail from Murter to Tijat, a captivating bay nestled between lush hills. It's a place for pure relaxation. Explore underwater life with snorkeling or engage in a friendly fishing competition. As evening comes, prepare a barbeque right on the boat under the starlit sky, savoring the tranquility of the Adriatic.
Recommended docking spots Tijat:
Stay on a buoy or anchored at Tijascica
15 nm, 2.5 h
Tijat - Skradin
Day 3 - Skradin is a doorway to Krka National Park, an area of outstanding natural beauty with magnificent waterfalls. Don’t forget to stop before the Šibenik Bridge and taste a dozen of fresh mussels from one of the floating mussel farms.
Dock your yacht, indulge in local delicacies like Skradin risotto at the charming local eateries, and prepare for the next day's early departure to adventure in KRKA waterfalls and natural pools park.
Recommended docking spots Skradin:
ACI Marina Skradin
23 nm, 4 h
Skradin - Kaprije
Day 4 - Wake up at 7 am and be ready to get a morning ferry to Krka National Park to see nature without crowd. Don't forget the swimming suit, sun protection, and underwater camera.
After returning to the yacht head to the tranquil island of Kaprije. On the island, you'll find an oasis of peace away from the tourist crowds. With its unspoiled nature and clear waters, it's the perfect place for swimming and snorkeling. Make sure to try local dishes, especially the freshly caught fish and homemade olive oil.
Recommended docking spots Kaprije:
Kaprije Marina Comunale
Stay on a buoy opposite the dock
25 nm, 4.2 h
Kaprije - Kornati
Day 5 - Set sail for Kornati National Park, a surreal archipelago with its stark, moon-like landscapes and turquoise waters. Kornati offers splendid snorkeling and hiking opportunities. Explore the salt lake of Mir and be awed by the views from the Metlina peak, the highest point on the islands.
Recommended docking spots Kornati:
Dock at Konoba ANTE
Dock at restaurant Robinson
Stay on a buoy
22 nm, 3.7 h
Kornati - Zut
Day 6 - Zut, the second-largest island in the Kornati archipelago, greets you with its serene bays and olive groves. It's a haven for those who love to relax in solitude, enjoy swimming, or exploring the island’s trails. Sample delicious local cuisine at the island's few restaurants that open during the sailing season.
Recommended docking spots Zut:
ACI Marina Žut
Marina Festa
15 nm, 2.5 h
Zut - Zadar
Day 7 - Return to Zadar, a city known for its Roman and Venetian ruins in the old town. Spend your last day visiting the Sea Organ and the Sun Salutation, the modern installations that make Zadar unique.
Remember that for docking at restaurant docks or private bays, it is necessary to coordinate the conditions with the respective owners or managers in advance. Make sure to contact them in a timely manner to arrange docking and dinner reservations. In the case of marinas, check for availability and coordinate the details beforehand.
20 nm, 3.5 h

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