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Updated February 26, 2024

Early booking deals

Do not forget that we have a special option «Free cancellation policy», eliminating for you the risk of early booking. If something unforeseen happens, or if you simply change your plans, we guarantee you a 100% refund without unnecessary questions. And yes, it's free.

Croatia 2024

Up to 35%

Turkey 2024

Up to 19%

Greece 2024

Up to 24%

Jun 15, 2024 - Jun 22, 2024
May 4, 2024 - May 11, 2024
Aug 17, 2024 - Aug 24, 2024

Italy 2024

Up to 19%

4 865 €

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Catamarans and yachts over 45 feet

Up to 40%

Yachts with a 3D TOUR

Up to 17%

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