Yachting without a security deposit, it's real!
Charter a yacht without risk and hidden fees

Yachting without a security deposit

Statistically, almost 50% of people lose their security deposit after their charter. Often it doesn't depend on the crew or the skipper but most often is an accident.

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A unique product by SEARADAR

Experience worry-free yachting adventures without the burden of paying a Security Deposit.

No need to block a significant amount of money on the card

No reason to stress during your charter

Yachting becomes more affordable and enjoyable

Free Deposit Pack

The cost of a Free Deposit Pack is 20% of the total security deposit amount.
Deposit insurance

SEARADAR clients have the right to waive the security deposit by taking out a Free Deposit Pack — a unique financial product successfully developed by SEARADAR that eliminates the need for a deposit when chartering a yacht.

What our clients say about FDP
This is how you get it in THREE EASY STEPS:
Contact your manager and pay 20% of the total security deposit amount (non-refundable)
Check in without stressing and without blocking money on your credit card
Sail and return the boat with no worries
What is insured?
  • 1
    Loss or damage which occurred to the chartered yacht during the trip due to the charterer or their crew's actions
  • 2
    Loss or damage to the engine or engine, gearbox, battery, alternator and starter, if caused by: ship collision, sink, fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, seaquake or other natural disasters, theft or robbery
What can not be covered by the FDP?
  • Any damages to the sails and dinghy
  • Clogged toilets
  • Deliberately caused damage

The Free Deposit Pack covers the complete initial security deposit cost. If the charter company surpasses this deposit during the charter, the client is responsible for covering the additional amount.

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