Boatcoins Loyalty Program

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Welcome to Boatcoins, the SEARADAR loyalty program designed to reward our community of sailing enthusiasts.

But what exactly are Boatcoins?

It's SEARADAR's internal currency, created to support our community and offer exciting benefits.

Boatcoins let you earn points for chartering boats, leaving feedback, sharing stories, and more.

How to start earning points
And if you charter five or more boats, we'll offer special rates for you.
Just ask our manager for more information.
If you charter less than five boats per year, you get 2% Boatcoins credits for every boat chartered.
Earn extra Boatcoins by leaving reviews, rating yachts you've sailed on, and even blogging about your voyage.
To start earning Boatcoins, simply charter a boat with us or contribute to our community through sharing your experiences.
Special Terms
2% Cashback
Sharing your experience
Use your Boatcoins as a discount on your next charter (pay up to 5% of the yacht price on our website.)
Checking your balance is also easy. You'll soon have access to your personal account on our website.
Here is what you can do with
Checking your Boatcoins balance
Please be aware that this offer is subject to verification, as not all charter companies allow extra discounts.
For now, contact your manager via WhatsApp or Email to check your current balance.
Start earning Boatcoins today by joining the SEARADAR community.
You never know what valuable prizes or bonuses might be waiting for you.
Satisfied customers
We provide every client with a personal assistant!
Our managers are always available to help
Contact your personal assistant
Frequently Asked Questions
You can earn Boatcoins by chartering boats with SEARADAR or by contributing to the community by leaving feedback and sharing your sailing experiences.
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