Sardinia – Corsica (from Portisco)
Exploring Northern Sardinia offers a delightful sailing experience, particularly suitable for first-time boat rentals in the region.
The numerous anchorages of Northern Sardinia provide shelter from various winds, though the Mistral wind from the west-northwest during high season can occasionally be quite strong. Navigating this route demands proficiency in navigation and careful planning due to the presence of two small archipelagos – Maddalena and Lavezzi – which are rich in shallows and rocky formations.

The primary activities of the Sardinia trip are swimming in the clear turquoise waters, unwinding in the boat's hammock amidst the sea breeze, sailing, and exploring the often deserted beaches and pathways.
Additionally, it's important to consider that docking fees at marinas in Sardinia and the archipelagos can be quite costly.
The journey begins at Marina Portisco due to its abundance of charter companies, offering a wide range of options. Costa Smeralda International Airport, the closest to Marina Portisco, is situated in Olbia, approximately 18 km away.

The total length of the route is about 95 nautical miles.
7-Day Route
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Detailed Route from Portisco Marina
Day 7, Friday: La Maddalena – Portisco
As you sail back to Portisco, take in the final views of the beautiful coastline and islands of the Maddalena Archipelago. Along the way, you'll pass by the exclusive Porto Cervo, the hub of Costa Smeralda. For one last dip in the turquoise waters and a leisurely lunch, anchor near Spiaggia Del Romazzino – a tranquil spot with sandy shores and azure sea.
20 nm, about 3.5 h
Yacht check-in day. If you’re ready for early yacht check-in, depart from Portisco Marina the same day and enjoy the first leg sail to Caprera Island.

Caprera along with La Maddalena are two inhabited islands out of more than 60 islands in the Archipelago of La Maddalena. Remember that to be allowed to sail in the park, it is necessary to request a permit on the official website Parco La Maddalena. When heading towards Caprera, the selection of coves is contingent upon the day's wind conditions.

You have the option of Cala Garibaldi, Cala Portese, or Cala Coticcio, also dubbed the Italian Tahiti. Each of them boasts magnificence, adorned with fine white sand, pristine waters, and captivating natural surroundings.
Day 1, Saturday:
Portisco – Caprera
15 nm, about 2.5 h
Recommended docking spot:
Cala Coticcio anchorage
Cala Garibaldi anchorage
Cala Portese anchorage

Day 2, Sunday:
Caprera – Spargi
Departing from Caprera, you'll sail towards the island of Spargi. En route, enjoy views of the crystal-clear waters of Cala Napoletana, Caprarese, or visit Spiaggia Testa del Polpo with spectacular rocks sculpted by the wind, near La Maddalena island, which is also on your way.

Spargi is an uninhabited island adorned with unspoiled coves such as Cala Corsara, Cala Conneri, Cala Granara, Cala Ferrigno, or Soraya, each resembling small pearls of white sand and turquoise waters. You can choose any of them for overnight stays based on the prevailing wind conditions.
10 nm, about 2 h
Day 3, Monday:
Spargi – Lavezzi
15 nm, about 2.5 h
Today's plan involves heading towards Corsica and exploring the archipelago of Lavezzi, which is part of the Réserve Naturelle des Bouches de Bonifacio. It's worth familiarizing yourself with the park's visitation conditions in advance on the website.

Situated in the far south along the coast of Corsica within a secluded and protected cove of the Lavezzi Islands, Cala Lazarina stands as a gem of Corsica's natural legacy, shielded from nearly all winds. Two stunning beaches, Cala di U Lioni and Spiaggia di Cala Giunco, grace the crystal-clear waters of this remarkable untamed backdrop. The anchorage is renowned for its sandy bottom and numerous rock formations.
Recommended docking spot:
Cala Corsara anchorage
Cala Conneri anchorage
Recommended docking spot:
Cala Lazarina anchorage
Cala di u Grecu anchorage
Cala della Chiesa bow and stern anchoring
Day 4, Tuesday:
Lavezzi – Bonifacio
Today, you'll sail from Lavezzi to Bonifacio on the neighboring French island of Corsica. It's advisable to pre-book a berth at the marina in Bonifacio, especially during peak season, and arrive there early to allow enough time for sightseeing.

Since today's journey is brief, it's worth making a slight detour and indulging in a swim at the paradise island of Piana. This hidden gem boasts a treasure in the form of a beach with shallow turquoise waters and white sand, often regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

As you approach Bonifacio, keep an eye out for the iconic limestone staircase, Escalier du Roi d'Aragon, carved into the cliffside. Bonifacio boasts a natural harbor, protected by its fortress. Once you've docked the boat in the port, step on land and ascend the steps to the fortress walls. Stroll along the cobbled streets lined with stores offering typical products in this cozy medieval village.
9 nm, about 1 h
Recommended docking spot:
Marina di Bonifacio
Anse de la Catena – mooring fee
Day 6, Thursday:
Budelli – La Maddalena
Setting sail from Bonifacio, you'll head towards Budelli, Santa Maria and Razzoli. Along the way, marvel at the striking pink sand beaches of Budelli, notably Spiaggia Rosa, which is now protected by Park authorities. So docking, bathing, and beach trampling have long been prohibited. It is therefore advisable to land on the surrounding coves to enjoy the ride on land. The site is stunning, especially from the ground.
Before heading back to Portisco, your final destination is the vibrant and lively island of La Maddalena. Here, you'll encounter a bustling town teeming with shops and restaurants to discover, a settlement that has stood since ancient times – evidenced by the fortifications carved into the rugged landscape.
Day 5, Wednesday: Bonifacio – Budelli
10 nm, about 2 h
15 nm, about 2.5 h
Recommended docking spot:
Marina di Carlotto – Campo boe – the new buoys field
Porto Cala Gavetta (140 berth)
Marina dei Giardinelli (50 berth) – a small private marina with a pontoon
Recommended docking spot:
Isola Budelli – East – a few buoys mooring
Isolotti Paduleddi – anchoring
Porto della Madonna/ Cala Giorgio Marino – between Budelli and Santa Maria – 20 buoys and anchoring
Remember that docking in Marinas requires making a reservation with confirmation in advance, especially in a high season. And often, when paying in cash, the price may be lower than when paying by card. Check before you pay.

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