Greece, the Ionian Sea (Lefkada)
Explore the Ionian Sea on a sailing adventure, where you'll find beautiful islands surrounded by clear blue waters. Meganisi is lively, Vathi/Ithaki is historically charming, and each destination shows a different side of Greek island life. Sail along the coasts of Kefalonia and Zakintos, where cliffs meet beaches. Visit the timeless Sami with its lush landscapes and anchor in the secluded Sivota. This sailing trip through the Ionian offers a week of sun-soaked exploration, combining tranquility with the excitement of discovering Greece's maritime beauty.
Start your journey from Lefkas Marina, the entrance to the Ionian wonders. Located along the beautiful Lefkada coastline, the marina provides a convenient starting point with up-to-date facilities.
The total length of the route is about 150 nautical miles.
The peculiarity of yachting in Greece is that most marinas are practically free, but service is often lacking. Be prepared for self-mooring in the marina, although crews from neighboring yachts, if present at the time, are always ready to help. Alternatively, moor at restaurants where it is advisable to reserve a berth in advance, and the staff will assist with mooring.
The sailing time is approximate and calculated based on an average sailing speed of 6 knots. The actual time will depend on the choice of the marina, weather conditions, yacht specifications, and crew skills.
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Lefkas Marina - Meganisi
Day 1, Saturday: Yacht check-in day. Plan an early yacht check-in and a short passage to the enchanting Island of Meganisi, a serene island with hidden coves and pristine beaches. Think about stopping in one of Meganisi's quiet coves, like Abelike Bay, where clear waters invite you for a swim. Have a relaxed evening exploring the village known for its traditional Greek architecture.
Recommended docking spots on Meganisi:
Vathi Town Quay North
Spartochori Marina
10 nm, 2 h
Meganisi - Vathi/Ithaki
Day 2, Sunday: Sail towards Vathi on Ithaki, the legendary home of Odysseus. Anchor in the secluded bay of Skinos for a swim in the clear waters. Moor at the picturesque Vathi harbor, surrounded by lush hillsides. Take a stroll through the charming streets.
Recommended docking spots:
Vathi Marina
25 nm, 4-5 h
Vathi/Ithaki - Kefalonia
Day 3, Monday: Head southwest to Kefalonia, a standout in the Ionian Sea. Check out the welcoming waterfront of Poros Marina on Kefalonia Island, known for its laid-back atmosphere. Admire the colorful houses along the harbor and spend an afternoon at Kako Lagadi Beach. Find local tavernas for a pleasant dinner under the stars.
Recommended docking spots:
Poros Marina
20 nm, 4 h
Kefalonia - Zakintos
Day 4, Tuesday: As you sail toward Zakynthos, take the opportunity to approach the iconic Shipwreck Beach up close. Currently, anchoring is restricted by local authorities, but the view from the sea offers a mesmerizing sight.
Recommended docking spots:
Agios Nikolaos Marina
25 nm, 4-5 h
Zakintos - Sami
Day 5, Wednesday: Go to Sami, a charming harbor surrounded by green landscapes. When sailing by the island's cliffs, make sure to anchor in the beautiful Antisamos Bay for a relaxing swim. Once in Sami, dock at Sami Marina and explore the enchanting Melissani Cave.
Recommended docking spots:
Sami Marina
30 nm, 5-6 h
Sami - Sivota
Day 6, Thursday: Sail to the peaceful Sivota, a hidden treasure with clear green waters. Explore the charming village, famous for its traditional charm. You'll find many restaurants with their own docks. Remember to book ahead by calling the restaurant.
Recommended docking spots:
Trocolo Pontoon
Yacht Bar Pontoon & Eumeos
25 nm, 4-5 h
12 Gods Restaurant Pontoon Sivota Lefkas
Sivota - Lefkas Marina
Day 7, Friday: Finish your journey by sailing back to Lefkas Marina. Dock at the marina, wrapping up a trip filled with ancient history, stunning landscapes, and the friendliness of Greek hospitality.
Remember that for docking at restaurant docks or private bays, it is necessary to coordinate the conditions with the respective owners or managers in advance. Make sure to contact them in a timely manner to arrange docking and dinner reservations. In the case of marinas, check for availability and coordinate the details beforehand.
15 nm, 3 h

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