Greece, Cyclades islands (from Paros)
The Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea are a great choice for yacht lovers. These islands, filled with ancient Greek stories, offer a mix of maritime history, undiscovered spots, and beautiful blue waters. From Santorini's stylish harbors to Mykonos' lively nightlife, the Cyclades promises an exciting sailing adventure. Each trip guarantees a mix of sailing skills, cultural exploration, and the joy of finding hidden gems.
Paros Paroika Marina, situated on the island of Paros, provides a charming beginning for your sailing journey. It's easily reached by ferry from Athens' Piraeus port or through a direct flight to Paros National Airport, ensuring a smooth entry into the captivating Cycladic islands.
The total length of the route is about 215 nautical miles.
When planning this route, it's crucial to bear in mind that the crew should ideally have experience navigating through the Cyclades, as yacht travel in Meltemi conditions demands a high level of skill in handling the yacht and sails. It also requires the skipper to accurately assess weather conditions and the capabilities of the yacht and crew, and accordingly plan transitions and the overall journey.
The sailing time is approximate and calculated based on an average sailing speed of 6 knots. The actual time will depend on the choice of the marina, weather conditions, yacht specifications, and crew skills.
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Paros Paroika Marina - Sifnos
Day 1, Saturday: Yacht check-in day. Plan an early yacht check-in and sail toward Sifnos. Take in the stunning views of the rocky coastlines of Paros and Sifnos, passing the iconic Church of the Seven Martyrs. Think about dropping anchor in the peaceful Kastro or Faros bay of Sifnos for a refreshing swim in its clear waters.
30 nm, 5 h
Recommended docking spots Sifnos:
Kamares Harbor
Ormos Georgios ancorage
Sifnos - Milos
Day 2, Sunday: Head to Milos, admiring the unique rock formations of Sarakiniko as you sail. Discover the hidden sea caves and anchor in Pollonia Bay on Milos at Papafragas Beach and Caves for a peaceful swim. As the sun sets, savor the view of the fishing village and its colorful houses.
25 nm, 4-5 h
Recommended docking spots Milos:
Adamantas Harbour
Pollonia Bay ancorage
Milos - Folegandros
Day 3, Monday: Sail to Folegandros, passing the impressive cliffs of Vani. Drop anchor in the clear waters of Agali Bay for a delightful afternoon swim.
40 nm, 6-7 h
Recommended docking spots Folegandros:
Karavostasi Harbour
Agali Bay anchorage
Folegandros - Santorini
Day 4, Tuesday: Navigate to Santorini, enjoying the dramatic caldera cliffs and the iconic blue-domed churches of Oia along the way. Drop anchor in Caldera Bay for a memorable swim in the volcanic waters, surrounded by the breathtaking Santorini sunset.
30 nm, 5-6 h
Recommended docking spots Santorini:
Akrotiriou anchorage
Ormos Nikolaos mooring buoy
Santorini - Amorgos
Day 5, Wednesday: Sail to Amorgos and discover the peaceful bays of Mouros and Aegiali for a calm swim. As you get closer to Aegiali, appreciate the view of the 11th-century Monastery of Hozoviotissa, perched on a dramatic cliffside.
35 nm, 6-7 h
Recommended docking spots Amorgos:
Nikouria Beach anchorage
Katapola harbour
Amorgos - Naxos
Day 6, Thursday: Head to Naxos, experiencing the rugged beauty of the Small Cyclades along the way. Take a break for a refreshing swim in the turquoise waters of Panormos or Apollonia Beach on Naxos. As you approach Naxos Town, get a glimpse of the impressive Portara, a monumental marble gateway.
Recommended docking spots Naxos:
Naxos Town Marina
Marina Kalantos
30 nm, 5 h
Naxos - Paros Paroika Marina
Day 7, Friday: Finish your trip by sailing back to Paros Paroika Marina, taking in the sights of the pretty villages along the way. Stop at Filizi South for lunch and a swim in the clear waters. Approaching Paros, enjoy the view of the traditional windmills and the lovely waterfront of Parikia.
Remember that for docking at restaurant docks or private bays, it is necessary to coordinate the conditions with the respective owners or managers in advance. Make sure to contact them in a timely manner to arrange docking and dinner reservations. In the case of marinas, check for availability and coordinate the details beforehand.
25 nm, 4 h

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