Greece, Cyclades islands (from Lavrion)
Start your sailing journey through the Cyclades, a beautiful group of Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. Explore charming harbors, lively towns, and hidden treasures as you sail in the clear waters.
Begin your adventure from Marina Lavrion, the starting point for exploring the wonders of the Cyclades islands.
The total length of the route is about 175 nautical miles.
Be cautious about strong winds around the Cyclades islands, as they can be quite high near steep cliffs. If you sail too close to the leeward coast, there's a risk of being pushed towards the cliffs by a sudden wind.
The sailing time is approximate and calculated based on an average sailing speed of 6 knots. The actual time will depend on the choice of the marina, weather conditions, yacht specifications, and crew skills.
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Lavrion - Kythnos
Day 1, Saturday: While sailing from Lavrion to Kythnos anchor at Kolona Cove take a break and relax in the hot springs. Enjoy the warmth, especially at night. There's also a stylish beach bar on the shore, perfect for a visit either by tender or paddle boards.
25 nm, 4 h
Recommended docking spots Kythnos:
Merichas Marina
Kolona Bay anchorage
Loutra Kythnos Marina
Kythnos - Syros
Day 2, Sunday: As you get closer to Ermoupoli, the famous hills of Syros create a breathtaking backdrop.
If you want to avoid the city's hustle and bustle, and the wind forecast is not from the south, consider going to Finikas Marina.
40 nm, 6-7 h
Recommended docking spots Syros:
Ermoupolis Marina
Finikas Marina
Syros - Mykonos
Day 3, Monday: As you make your way to Mykonos anchor near Delos for swimming in the turquoise waters of the sea Explore the historical heritage of Delos island, which is a mythical place of birth of the twins Apollo and Artemis, the daughters of Zeus and Leto.
25 nm, 4 h
Recommended docking spots Mykonos:
Tourlos Marina (very busy)
Ornos North or Playa Panormos anchorage
Mykonos - Tinos
Day 4, Tuesday: As you sail to Tinos, enjoy the clear waters around Delos and maybe see some archaeological wonders underneath. Relax at Kolimbithra Bay with its golden sands and blue waters. In Tinos Town, the Church of Panagia Megalochari stands tall against the island's backdrop.
15 nm, 3 h
Recommended docking spots Tinos:
Tinos Port
Panormos Tinos Quay
Tinos - Andros
Day 5, Wednesday: See the greenery and beautiful coastline of Andros as you get near. Anchor for lunch and a swim in clear water at Kolimvithra beach or Katafigio Agrias Zois Steno Korthiou on the south.
30 nm, 5 h
Recommended docking spots Andros:
Gavrio Marina
Batsi Marina
Andros - Kea
Day 6, Thursday: Sail to Kea and enjoy the open sea. Vourkari Bay is perfect for a calm afternoon swim. Explore Kea's coastline with ancient ruins and the Lion of Kea, revealing the island's rich history.
Recommended docking spots Kea:
Karthaia anchorage
Vourkari Bay anchorage
25 nm, 4 h
Korissia Marina or Voulkari Marina
Kea - Lavrion
Day 7, Friday: As you head back to Lavrion, enjoy the last views of the Cyclades islands. The Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion appears on the horizon, marking the end of a memorable journey.
Remember that for docking at restaurant docks or private bays, it is necessary to coordinate the conditions with the respective owners or managers in advance. Make sure to contact them in a timely manner to arrange docking and dinner reservations. In the case of marinas, check for availability and coordinate the details beforehand.
15 nm, 3 h

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