Navigating from Sibenik to Skradin and beyond, you encounter a variety of cozy historic towns, secluded bays, and rugged cliffs. Highlights include the charming Tijasnica Bay, the wilderness of Zut, and the natural splendor of Telascica and Kornati National Park. Each day during your journey brings a new vista from quaint fishing villages to ancient ruins.

The travel region covers Croatia's Adriatic coast, famed for its azure waters and myriad islands.

The route begins at D-Marin Mandalina Marina in Sibenik, a historic coastal city in Croatia renowned for its UNESCO-listed St. James Cathedral, enchanting old town, and lively cultural atmosphere.
The sailing time is approximate and calculated based on an average sailing speed of 6 knots. The actual time will depend on the choice of the marina, weather conditions, yacht specifications, and crew skills.
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Detailed Route from Sibenik
Day 7, Friday: Primosten - Zlarin - Sibenik
On your return journey to Sibenik, don't miss the chance to discover the enchanting island of Zlarin, renowned for its coral diving sites. Zlarin boasts stunning sandy beaches, charming restaurants, especially Prslika, and captivating natural beauty.

Upon arrival in Sibenik, it's time to check out from the yacht and enjoy the final evening of your sailing journey. Gather with your crew at one of the cozy restaurants to reminisce about the adventures and discuss plans for future journeys.
13 NM, about 2.5 h
The yacht check-in day. Embark on your adventure from Sibenik with early yacht check-in and sail to Skradin. Skradin serves as the gateway to Krka National Park - one of the largest natural treasures of Croatia, a breathtaking area with stunning waterfalls. Get ready for an early departure the next day, as you embark on an adventure exploring the waterfalls and natural pools of KRKA.
Day 1, Saturday:
Sibenik - Skradin
9 NM, about 1.5 h
Recommended docking spot:
ACI Marina Skradin
Day 2, Sunday:
Skradin - Tijasnica Bay
Leaving Skradin, you'll first sail through the picturesque verdant landscapes, then further south, you'll pass through the St. Anthony Channel, and as you exit the channel, you'll be greeted by the majestic St. Nicholas Fortress.

Before proceeding past the Šibenik Bridge, take a delightful pause to enjoy a dozen freshly harvested mussels from one of the floating mussel farms. Tijasnica Bay offers a tranquil spot for anchoring and enjoying a swim in its secluded waters.
14 NM, about 2.5 h
Day 3, Monday:
Tijasnica Bay - Zut
24 NM, about 4 h
While sailing towards Zut, you'll encounter numerous small islands scattered across the Adriatic Sea. Zut stands as one of the largest islands in the Kornati archipelago, yet it remains outside the boundaries of Kornati National Park, allowing yachts to enter without incurring an entrance fee.

En route, you'll traverse through picturesque coves and bays like Luka Žut, ideal for a refreshing midday swim. As the day draws to a close, the scenery becomes even more spectacular, offering breathtaking views from the hilltop at sunset.
Recommended docking spot:
Anchoring or buoying in Tijasnica Bay
Recommended docking spot:
ACI Marina Zut (marina for 120 berth)
Marina Festa (free if you eat at Festa restaurant)
Day 4, Tuesday:
Zut - Sali - Telascica
Departing from Zut, your next destination is Sali, a charming town nestled on the island of Dugi Otok. Take a break here for a delightful lunch and wander through the vibrant harbor.

Following your visit, resume your voyage towards Telascica. This area hosts the magnificent Telascica Nature Park, featuring towering cliffs and the enchanting saltwater Lake Mir. During the summer months, the water temperature in Lake Mir can soar to over 30 degrees Celsius. Entrance tickets for the park, including payment for a buoy, can be obtained from the Park Ranger or through the park's official website.
16 NM, about 3 h
Recommended docking spot:
Anchor or stay on a buoy in Ulava Mir, near the entrance to the nature park
Day 6, Thursday: Ravni Zakan - Stupica Vela - Primosten
Embark from Telascica and venture into the renowned Kornati National Park, an archipelago comprising 89 closely clustered islands, many of which remain uninhabited. Renowned for its rugged landscapes and pristine waters, this park offers a captivating sailing experience*.

Navigate through the cluster of islands, admiring the distinctive rock formations along the way. Pass by Fort Tureta as you approach the southern tip of the island, where you can anchor at Uvala Lopatica or dock at the "Konoba Beban" pier for a tasty lamb lunch.

Continue your journey to the neighboring island, Ravni Zakan, where you can enjoy an evening swim followed by dinner at "Konoba Žakan." Ensure to reserve a spot on the restaurant's pontoon ahead of time. Depending on the wind direction, you may also opt to anchor at Ravni Zakan Nord.
Leaving Ravni Zakan, you'll sail along the rugged coastline towards the charming town of Primosten. Along the way, you can anchor in Stupica Vela Bay located on the island of Zirje - a tranquil island with a gorgeous coastline and is a perfect place to relax, swim in crystal water, and get lunch.

Head further to the ancient town of Primosten, located on the mainland, which is known as the "Golden Flower of Europe." Drop anchor nearby and explore its classic Croatian white houses, the 15th-century Cathedral of St. George. It's a great idea to visit the famous Babich winery for its red wine and take a stroll to the Statue of Our Lady Of Loreto, situated on a hill, offering dramatic views over the Dalmatian coast.
Day 5, Wednesday: Telascica - NP Kornati - Ravni Zaka
24 NM, about 4 h
16 NM, about 3 h
Recommended docking spot:
on a mooring buoy at Primosten Town Harbor
Marina Kremik - large and comfortable marina 6,5 km away from Primosten
Recommended docking spot:
"Konoba Žakan" pontoon, Anchoring at Ravni Zacan Nord
*Keep in mind that admission fees for boats are based on their length and duration of stay. Purchasing tickets on-site may result in double charges, so it's advisable to secure your ticket in advance.
Make sure to contact them in a timely manner to arrange docking and dinner reservations. In the case of marinas, check for availability and coordinate the details beforehand.
Remember that for docking at restaurant docks or private bays, it is necessary to coordinate the conditions with the respective owners or managers in advance.

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