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We will get back to you shortly with a detailed proposal on your charter. In the meantime, we invite you to learn more about the upcoming premium experience. If your specific question isn't covered below, please contact us via email

What you should know before the charter

The offer process
We will carefully consider your request and get back to you if we need more details. Your personalized offer will include the suggested charter options along with recommendations from your travel concierge. If you have any further questions, just let us know. Creating the perfect proposal to suit your needs is what matters most to us.
If you're interested in a charter but aren't ready to book today, you can hold it with a preliminary reservation for a few days to make your final decision. It's important to make sure you've got all your travel arrangements sorted and get approval from your crew before you are ready to commit.

Once you've confirmed the offer, we will send over the official charter contract, invoice and payment instructions. You can make a secure payment through a link or use our bank details for a bank transfer.
Preliminary reservation & Booking
Safety on board is our key priority. The crew are professionals with many years of experience. On the first day of the trip the crew will give a detailed safety briefing.
Searadar Premium can arrange a truly fantastic family vacation with all the amenities you need to make your holiday with kids as enjoyable as possible. The experienced crew will be on hand during the voyage, and the chef will design a menu to suit the preferences of both children and adults.
Travel with kids
Though traveling with pets is always a subject of individual discussion, we will do our best to make sure you can take your beloved companion with you.
Travel with pets

How the charter goes

Transfers & extras
We will organize the transfers from the airport to the marina and any other extras you might need (an early check-in, a sightseeing tour before / after the charter, etc.) in advance, so you can relax and enjoy your holiday.
When you get to the marina, you will meet the base manager, your captain and the crew. After the check-in, they'll give you a tour of the yacht, show you all the systems and safety equipment on board as well as your cabins and common spaces.
Check-in / Check-out
Amenities on board
No matter which type of yacht you choose, you'll enjoy the comfort of a premium voyage. Top-quality bath and kitchen amenities, along with a selection of luxurious bed linen, bathrobes and beach towels are included.
Every premium charter comes with a personal travel concierge, who will guide you through the wonders of your destination, offering expert advice and exclusive access to activities and attractions. Together you will create a voyage plan tailored to your needs. During the charter, if the weather is permitting, the itinerary can be changed at any time if you want to spend more or less time in any area.
Voyage plan & Itinerary
During the voyage, you can eat on board or in one of the restaurants onshore. For the meals on board you'll get a preference form to fill out before your charter. Your personal chef will plan your meals according to what you've chosen. He can also cater for special dietary needs (like gluten-free, allergies, etc.) and will be in touch with you before your trip to make all the arrangements.
The Crew
Depending on your requirements, we will provide your charter with a professional crew for a top-class service:
The crew will have his/her own cabin and share a WC.
A reliable and highly skilled captain to ensure a smooth and safe journey
An onboard chef, crafting exquisite meals with the finest ingredients
Steward / hostess services to elevate your holiday with a flawless service
Depending on your yacht and destination, there are different activities and sports that are available to do. Your personal travel concierge will help you decide which ones are right for you. Each charter will be provided with cool water toys to add a splash of excitement to your yachting adventures: from classic SUPs to cutting-edge SeaBobs.
Activities on board
All the yachting costs (fuel, port fees, etc.) are already included in your premium voyage, but you might need some money for your personal expenses on shore (souvenirs, etc.).
Expenses during the charter
All premium charters come with free Wi-Fi.

Packing & Handy tips

When it comes to a yacht charter, there's not much specific clothing needed, but there are a few handy tips that can make your voyage more comfortable:
Above all, make sure you're protected from the sun. Pack plenty of sun cream, wide-brimmed hats or sailing caps, and loose-fitting cotton cover-ups
When you’re on deck, beachwear is just fine, but for the evenings ashore, you might need some casual clothes
It's a good idea to wear rubber shoes with white soles on board to ensure you have good grip. Plus you might find aquatic shoes useful for staying at the beach, especially for the kids.
Handy Tips
Each yacht is equipped with a complete first aid kit, but if you’re taking any specific medicines, make sure to bring them aboard with you
Waterproof phone case will keep your phone safe and always at hand to take a photo. For your comfort choose one with a neck strap and touch screen window
Sunnies retainer is a great way to prevent your glasses from falling off and getting lost when yachting

If you still have any questions

Please feel free to contact us via email
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