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Northern Dalmatia 🇭🇷
Sailing in Croatia is well known for its charm and attractive conditions for yacht charter. While Dubrovnik, Split and Kaštela may steal the spotlight, there are undiscovered wonders awaiting in North Dalmatia. Easily accessible from Zadar and Split airports, this lesser-known region offers a unique yachting experience.
Join us in the conversation with Jelena Matkoviæ, head of booking in Croatia Yachting, who shares the secrets and insights of Northern Dalmatia!
— Why charter a boat in Northern Dalmatia?
— Jelena Matkoviæ: “Northern Dalmatia stands out as one of the most interesting sailing destinations in Croatia. We have built up our fleet here because this region offers a perfect combination of good accessibility, rich history and natural wonders. Our fleet operates from Marina Kornati near Biograd na Moru, a quaint coastal town boasting the Kornati Marina with 805 berths. Biograd serves as an excellent starting point for exploring the region's coastal gems.

One of the highlights of Northern Dalmatia is the Kornati National Park, renowned for its rugged coastline and myriad uninhabited islands, bays, and crystalline waters. Sailing through the Kornati archipelago, you'll encounter unique geological formations, including towering cliffs and striking 'crown' peaks, providing both awe-inspiring scenery and sheltered anchorages. The area's pristine waters are perfect for swimming, snorkeling and diving.
Another gem is the Krka National Park near Šibenik. Here, Croatia Yachting has another base at the D-Marin Mandalina Marina. It offers a different sailing experience with its proximity to the Krka River estuary. Sailing up the river you'll be treated to breathtaking views of lush greenery, where a 180 berth marina is waiting for you in the picturesque town of Skradin. In the busy summer months, if you are unable to find a dock, the area between marina and the bridge offers good anchorage.

Inside Krka you will enjoy cascading waterfalls, including the majestic Skradinski buk and Roški Slap further up the river, where you are still allowed to swim (swimming in the waterfalls has been prohibited since 2021). While sailing through Krka river toward Skradin you can anchor in tranquil coves along the riverbanks offering serene settings for relaxation and exploration.”

— SR: Who will enjoy this region the most?
JM: “We welcome most of our guests from Central and Western Europe. Northern Dalmatia is easily accessible by car, for example, from Austria and Slovenia, but many airlines connect it well to almost all European countries. Thanks to its natural beauty, we believe everyone will enjoy this region!

Sailing distances when island hopping can be really short, if you want, and often you do not have to cross more than 10 nautical miles to get to your next stop. The nautical infrastructure in Croatia offers an abundance of marinas, safe town ports and anchorages with buoys to spend your nights.”
With recommended docking spots and comfortable crossings.
Check 7-day routes for perfect sailing in Northern Dalmatia made by our experts 🗺️
Navigating from Sibenik to Skradin and beyond, you encounter a variety of cozy historic towns, secluded bays, and rugged cliffs. Highlights include the charming Tijasnica Bay, the wilderness of Zut, and the natural splendor of Telascica and Kornati National Park.
Duration: 7 days
Distance: 116 nm
Max. crossing: 24 nm
From Zadar, there's so much to explore in just a week. The region is rich with islands, and your journey includes a visit to the renowned Kornati Marine National Park, famous for its breathtaking landscapes and marine life and more than three hundred islands.
Duration: 7 days
Distance: 105 nm
Max. crossing: 19 nm
— SR: What’s special about these sailing routes?
— JM: “North Dalmatian routes provide excellent sailing conditions, especially during pre and post-season, when there are fewer tourists ashore and at sea. Sailing in the area promises a mix of winds. During summer the winds can pick up adding extra thrills to your experience. Stay updated on weather forecasts, especially during August, when the winds might surprise you.

With abundant anchoring and mooring opportunities, along with vibrant marinas, you'll enjoy the freedom to chart your cruise amidst the Adriatic's stunning backdrop.
Muline Bay on Ugljan Island provides a cozy harbour with electricity and water supply, perfect for a relaxing stop. Soline on Dugi Otok Island boasts a tranquil bay ideal for swimming and relaxation with nearby sandy beaches to explore. Veli Iž Island in the Iž archipelago offers authentic charm with its quaint villages, shops, bars, and restaurants, along with a small marina for docking. Ravni Zakan Island provides a picturesque setting for overnight stays, complete with a jetty offering power and water amenities. Žut Island in the Kornati archipelago features olive groves, vineyards, and the ACI Marina Žut provides various berths for docking options amidst its natural beauty.

The islands' layout can create fun changes in wind direction giving sailors an interesting challenge. Just remember, some spots are off-limits for anchoring because they're part of the protected Kornati Islands National Park. Despite that, Northern Dalmatia welcomes sailors of all levels.
Expert tips💡
— SR: Who works at your bases and will meet the guests?
JM: “We know how important it is for our clients to get to know the ins and outs of the Adriatic coast and our team will serve their best local knowledge for your charter route.

Each base has a manager and an office manager to help with the checking-in. All our staff speak English and some can help our guests in German. At our Šibenik base one of our team members also speaks Italian. There are also up to four members of the technical staff who overlook the boats and make sure they are in top shape for every charter.

We carefully select our staff members and make sure they enjoy what they do. Yacht charter can sometimes be a hectic environment, but our team are all motivated to provide exceptional service. If you ask any of them, you will most likely hear how much they like meeting people from various countries and backgrounds and helping them to have an unforgettable holiday!
Yachts in Northern Dalmatia with discounts up to 46%:

— SR: What kind of boats do you offer in Biograd and Šibenik?
We recommend looking up a boat at Biograd’s Marina Kornati and exploring the islands. Most of our sailboats are Hanse Yachts with 26 in total at this marina, including three absolutely new boats from 2024. You will have plenty of options to choose from!
JM: We sustain our yachts to the highest standards putting cleanliness and technical performance at the forefront. With an average fleet age of 2.5 years our boats promise exceptional comfort and sailing performance. Even our older yachts have that brand-new feel because maintenance is a priority for us.

In Northern Dalmatia, our fleet boasts a diverse range of boats. We recommend looking up a boat at Biograd’s Marina Kornati and exploring the islands. Most of our sailboats are Hanse Yachts with 26 in total at this marina, including three absolutely new boats from 2024. You will have plenty of options to choose from! Our Šibenik base at D-Marin Mandalina has a smaller fleet of monohulls with 8 yachts.

All sailing boats are equipped with bimini and sprayhood, furling genoas and electric anchor winches. Our monohulls feature Furlex genoas and some have electric winches – you can check that during booking.

In terms of sails most boats have laminated Dacron sails. Mainsails come in two types – full batten or furling. Small dinghies are part of our safety equipment on both, sailing yachts and catamarans. They come with an outboard motor which is rented separately.

At both marinas you can book the latest Hanse 510 boat with our new “Ocean Phoenix” (2024) docked in Šibenik and “Hype” (2023) at Marina Kornati, Biograd.

It is listed as one of the most spacious boats in its class able to accommodate up to 9 people. Main features include a self-tacking jib and a large tender garage equipped with the Smart Tender System and a big bathing platform.
Hype, Hanse 510, 2023
Aug 24, 2024 - Aug 31, 2024
8,150 €
5,517 €
At D-Marin Mandalina we have collected a good fleet of multihulls, mostly Bali Catamarans for exploring the inland waters of the Krka estuary and for a more relaxed family sailing. Bali catamarans are equipped with a full set of cockpit cushions for the front cockpit and one around the fly bridge to ensure maximum comfort. You will find electric anchor winches on all boats. Some models are equipped with a gas cockpit grill, generator with A/C and dishwasher. On Bali 4.5 and one Catspace model in Šibenik we offer renting of custom made Code Zero sail which provides faster and more dynamic navigation.

We also have a couple of motorboats in Biograd’s Marina Kornati, if sailing is not your thing.”

— SR: Sailing conditions and practical details about North Dalmatia?
During busy months of July and August it might be tricky to find a spot to moor, so it's better to plan your stops ahead.
JM: “A typical charter will feature cruising through the turquoise waters surrounded by islands, feeling gentle breeze and occasional stronger gusts – somewhere between 5 to 20 knots. Sometimes, strong winds like the Bora can pick up – up to 25 knots, but they don't last long. Anchor behind an island to shelter overnight, if it gets too windy.

The main winds, Bura and Jugo, bring contrasting conditions – Bura, a cold and dry northeast wind, offers bright weather, while Jugo, a warm, humid east-southeast wind, brings heavy clouds and rain. Maestral, a local westerly wind in summer, guarantees pleasant sailing conditions with good weather.

During busy months of July and August it might be tricky to find a spot to moor, so it's better to plan your stops ahead. Northern Dalmatia is relatively less busy than the South of the country. If it's crowded, consider arriving early, especially if you're heading to a smaller harbour. Larger marinas are usually easier to find space in.

The Adriatic Sea's depth varies, with the shallowest part near Istria and deeper basins towards the South, providing diverse sailing experiences. Northern Dalmatia is also known for its good visibility, a number of diving sites and rich marine life. Waves are primarily influenced by wind and remain relatively small due to the Croatian coast's numerous islands, ensuring safe and enjoyable sailing.

On the practical side of an outdoor holiday you can experience some mosquitos in the summer months depending on the year. To help you have a peaceful sleep our boats are equipped with window nets. Some old local recipes include, for example, spraying lavender oil, its intense smell effectively repels them.

Most of the jellyfish in the Adriatic are not dangerous for humans and contact with them causes mild irritation. Local remedy is to rub it with sand and seawater or more commonly cover with an antihistamine cream that you can buy locally.”

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