Part 1, Types of Trips
How to Choose
Have you visited many places and crave variety? Or are you new to yachting and wondering where to start? Let's explore how to best choose a yachting region.

This time, we'll discuss different types of trips and which countries are best suited for them. In future editions, we'll delve into the quality of infrastructure in various regions, prices, and other important details.
a Yachting Region
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Family vacation with young children
A cozy family getaway where comfort and safety are paramount.
Wind, wave: minimal
Air temperature: 20+°C
Water temperature: 23+°C
Fleet quality: high, everything must work perfectly
Customer Service quality: high, for prompt resolution of any issue
Yacht type: catamaran
Bareboat (if you have a license): having a stranger may disrupt the cozy family atmosphere
Boat age: up to 4 years
Children’s safety net on the lifelines is a must
Useful addition: various non-extreme water toys
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Time: from June to August
Suitable Regions
Minimal wind due to surrounding mountains, beautiful nature, a decent fleet of catamarans.
Many islands, good shore infrastructure, the ability to adjust routes according to the wind to minimize tilting. To avoid tourist crowds, consider Northern Dalmatia instead of the popular Split.
Short crossings and good wind protection in the bay. Beautiful nature and wildlife reserves, interesting for children.
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Premium vacation with family or friends
A yacht as a floating five-star hotel with its own beach, pool, and restaurant. True dolce vita, focusing on service quality.
Wind, wave: minimal to moderate
Air temperature: 20+°C
Water temperature: 23+°C
Fleet quality: high, nothing should break, plus all the extras for comfort like air conditioning, generator, plasma panel, etc.
Customer Service quality: maximum, for prompt resolution of any issues and ensuring top-class relaxation.
Yacht type: catamaran
With a captain and hostess / chef
Boat age: up to 4 years
Useful addition: various water toys, fishing gear
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Time: from June to August, when winds are moderate, and the water and air are sufficiently warm.
Suitable Regions
Gulf of Naples, Tuscany-Elba-Corsica, Sardinia
French Riviera starting from Port Grimaud, Le Lavandou, and a route to Nice and Monaco
Majorca, Ibiza
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Active yachting with family or friends
Fresh wind, rocking, splashes on your face, lots of fun and teamwork with the sails and moorings. The main focus is the availability of wind and a maneuverable yacht, basic comfort level.
Wind, wave: moderate to high
Air temperature: 18+°C
Water temperature: not important
Fleet quality: medium-high, minor imperfections acceptable
Customer Service quality: medium-high, self-solving problems in this format is part of the adventure
Yacht type: monohull yacht, because you want to sail, not just drift with the wind 🙂
Boat age: up to 10 years
Useful addition: gennaker / spinnaker, if you and the team are skilled at working with these sails
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Suitable Regions
For ocean yachting:
Definitely the Canary Island with their famous acceleration zones between the islands. Madeira and the Azores are also interesting, but unfortunately, there are very few charter yachts available there.
All the Mediterranean in May or September
Good winds can be found in France from Marseille to Saint-Tropez (mistral), in Greece in the Cyclades (meltemi), and it also blows well in the Strait of Messina in Sicily.
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