Customer Success:

SEARADAR is not just a yacht marketplace that is always ready to sell a boat, but never here for you, if something goes wrong. We’re a concierge service – that means we have a special team of “superheroes” called Customer Success.

Why pick a concierge service over a marketplace?

From basic tasks like changing or canceling the boat, support with crew list and paperwork to personalized itineraries and skipper replacement at the last minute. See for yourself what we can do!
If you haven’t found a boat for your next charter yet, let us do it for you:
Answer a few simple questions, and we’ll send you a personalized selection in WhatsApp within 10 minutes.
Easy! Even if your skipper can't go, and despite the charter begins in a week during Croatia's peak season! If the charter company couldn't find a replacement skipper – don’t worry, we have our connections 😉
Need to find a skipper a week before your charter?
Looking for help planning your itinerary?
Need to save your Seychelles vacation?
Absolutely! Take the case of our customer, Skipper P.: his two-week charter was in danger due to boat damage from a previous charter. Despite delays and denials from the charter company, we quickly arranged for another boat, paid upfront (hoping for reimbursement – which never came 😅), and saved his vacation.
Just reach out to us, whether it's before or after booking your boat, even if things don't go as planned.

Everything is possible for us!

We no longer work with that charter company and now carefully select only the best partners!
Ivanka Nedelchuk, Head of Customer Success department, shares the superpowers of her team:
Try it by yourself:
Answer a few simple questions, and we’ll send you the personalized selection of yachts in WhatsApp within 10 minutes.

Our superheroes are ready for new challenges!

Leave it to us! Recently, during charter preparations, we discovered that customer A. hadn't just booked a great catamaran in the Seychelles, but for his wedding trip! He asked if we knew of a suitable beach for a photo shoot, and of course, we did. We can't wait to see the pictures after his charter 🙂
Want to find the perfect private beach for a photo shoot during your charter?
Looking for help planning your itinerary?
We're here for you! Last year alone, we sent over 700 charters to sea. We know everything and more about yachts. Our team is here to help with paperwork, checklists for boat acceptance, handling unexpected situations, and guiding you through the entire process. You'll be a true sea wolf on your next charter!

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Searadar is a comprehensive online concierge service for sailboat captains.
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