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Sailing with kids

Sailing with kids might not be carefree, but it is an unforgettable family experience that will stay with you for a lifetime❤️ Here are some things to consider when planning to sail with kids.
Safety First

Safety is our top priority. It's essential to have kids' life jackets on board and a safety railing net to prevent anyone from falling off the yacht. It's also advisable to prepare a first aid kit tailored to your family's needs.


The yacht should not only be well-maintained but also provide a lot of space for kids to play. It's better if the yacht has a bimini for proper sun protection.

Choose Kid-friendly Destinations

Select a destination suitable for children, with calm waters, short sailing distances, and a low risk of unstable weather to minimize seasickness.

Early Check-In and Food Delivery

With kids, you wouldn't want to waste time as they can get impatient. You can order early check-in and pre-order food delivery to the marina through us, avoiding long hours at the supermarket.


Having extra entertainment onboard is a great idea. Depending on the boat you choose, we can arrange various items for you, such as fishing rods, snorkeling equipment, SUP boards, seabobs, and other sea toys. You can even opt for a yacht with a TV and a Playstation if needed.

Pre-Trip Briefing

Before the trip, it's a good idea to have a briefing to explain to the kids what to expect and assign them roles. Simple navigation tasks can be a great learning experience.

So, are you planning to sail with kids? Let us know!

We will ensure that the charter company has everything needed on board of your yacht. You can easily order additional services through us, such as safety nets, sea toys, or early check-in.
We are here to create an unforgettable sailing experience and to instill a love for the sea in kids from a young age!
Here, you can check out some yacht options for July and August 2024 suitable for sailing with children.

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