The Canary Islands (Tenerife)
The Canary Islands enjoy warm temperatures year-round. They are easily accessible with reasonable costs and have excellent infrastructure. The islands are renowned for their spectacular natural landscapes, including volcanoes, beaches, cliffs, and hidden coves.
Traveling between the Canary Islands is less leisurely than sailing between Greek or Croatian islands; the distances are greater and they are situated in the Atlantic Ocean. However, it offers a truly rewarding training experience. Ideally, you should allocate two weeks to visit all the islands. Alternatively, you might consider splitting your exploration of the Canaries into two one-week trips.
The sea conditions in the Canary Islands vary by location and season. Generally, the waters are moderate, though some areas, particularly the northern coasts, can experience larger swells. The currents between the islands can be strong, so sailors should remain vigilant and plan their routes carefully.
Begin your sailing adventure in Marina San Miguel, located on the southern coast of Tenerife, and easily accessible via Tenerife South Airport (Reina Sofia), just a short 15-minute drive away.

If you arrive at Tenerife North Airport, it's worth setting aside 1-2 days before heading to sea to explore the island's land attractions. Hike up the Teide volcano, dive into the clear waters of natural pools in the north, such as Piscinas Naturales "El Caletón", or take a trek through the incredibly lush and mountainous northeastern region in Parque Rural de Anaga.

The total length of the route is about 230 nautical miles.
7-Day Route
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Detailed Route from Tenerife
Day 7, Friday: Los Gigantes – Marina San Miguel, Tenerife
Sail back to Marina San Miguel, and take the opportunity to stop at the black sand beaches of Playa Montana Roja and Playa de la Tejita. Have a farewell meal at Vagabundo Restaurant & Bar, overlooking the harbor, and enjoy your last evening in Tenerife.
35 nm, about 5.8 h
Prepare for the journey at Marina San Miguel. Explore nearby landmarks such as the Amarilla Golf Course and the charming village of Los Abrigos. Enjoy a walk along the scenic coastal paths, explore the nearby Montaña Roja Nature Reserve, or unwind on Playa de la Tejita. Taste a meal at Restaurante Los Abrigos, known for its fresh seafood and stunning ocean views, or get a wonderful culinary experience at Old Fashioned 1986.
Day 1, Saturday: Check-in at Marina San Miguel, Tenerife
Day 2, Sunday: Tenerife – El Hierro
Depart from Marina San Miguel and sail along the southern coast of Tenerife, passing by Costa del Silencio. As you head southwest, you'll have views of the southern tip of La Gomera. Continue towards El Hierro – the most authentic and nicest island, enjoying the open ocean and the chance to spot dolphins along the way.

Upon arrival at Puerto de la Estaca, explore the nearby attractions, such as the scenic village of Valverde. In the evening, take a trip to the natural pool Pozo de Las Calcosas, relax, and enjoy the beautiful landscape at sunset. For dinner, visit Mirador de La Peña offering a variety of local dishes and magnificent ocean views.
58 nm, about 9.7 h
Day 3, Monday: El Hierro – La Palma
56 nm, about 9.3 h
Depart from Puerto de la Estaca and sail towards Santa Cruz de La Palma. As you navigate El Hierro's northeastern coast, enjoy the stunning views of the island's rugged landscape. Continue your journey across the open sea towards La Palma, enjoying the tranquility and the opportunity to spot marine life. Upon reaching Santa Cruz de La Palma, explore the historic old town with its cobblestone streets and colonial architecture.

After two days of long crossings, plan to take a break from sailing and spend the next day exploring the island. To travel around the island, it is advisable to book a rental car in advance or simply use the services of a La Palma transfer agency.
Recommended docking spot:
Puerto de la Estaca (80 berth)
Recommended docking spot:
Marina La Palma (180 berth, fuel)
Day 4, Tuesday: Rest day in Santa Cruz de La Palma, La Palma
Spend the day exploring Santa Cruz de La Palma. Visit the Caldera de Taburiente National Park for hiking and breathtaking views. Here, in the Park, at an altitude of 2400 meters above sea level, you'll find one of the world's largest collections of telescopes. Some of these telescopes belong to the Spanish research center, The Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (IAC). Visiting Roque de los Muchachos is free and accessible with prior reservation: IAC Reservations.

For lunch, get a tasty experience at Restaurante la Mata, which is located in the mountains, or La Casa del Volcán on the south of the island with a view of the volcanic landscape. Relax at Playa de Bajamar or the Natural swimming pool in Charco Azul or Piscinas de La Fajana.
Day 6, Thursday: La Gomera – Los Gigantes, Tenerife
Sail towards La Gomera known for its stunning natural beauty of Garajonay National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with lush laurel forests and excellent hiking trails. Valle Gran Rey, situated on the west of the island, offers picturesque terraced landscapes, black sand beaches, and charming villages perfect for exploration and relaxation.

In San Sebastián, visit the historic Torre del Conde – the last remaining structure from the era of the conquistadors that has survived to this day, Christopher Columbus’ House, where he stayed before embarking on his journey to discover the New World, and the Church of the Assumption. Enjoy dinner at Caprichos De La Gomera, located in Marina

Enjoy a short sail to Tenerife, taking in the majestic views of the Los Gigantes cliffs. Stop for a swim or plan an overnight stay in the crystal-clear waters of Masca Bay, which is well protected from the northeast wind and swell. Consider taking a detour to visit the picturesque village of Masca, nestled in the mountains. However, it is necessary to obtain authorization in advance for this trip.

If you choose to stay at Puerto Deportivo Los Gigantes, be aware that the marina is very busy and space for visitors is limited, so make a reservation in advance. Enjoy a stroll along the marina, visit the nearby natural pools, or explore the village's charming shops and cafes. Dine at Restaurant Sorriso for Mediterranean cuisine with a view of Charco del Amor, or relax at the marina’s KV Bar Gourmet.
Day 5, Wednesday: La Palma – La Gomera
25 nm, about 4.2 h
55 nm, about 9.2 h
Recommended docking spot:
Anchorage Playa de Masca
Puerto Deportivo Los Gigantes
Recommended docking spot:
Marina La Gomera (335 berth, fuel)
Remember that docking in Ports and Marinas requires making a reservation with confirmation in advance, especially during high season. On the Canary Islands, marinas typically confirm reservations via email, rather than by phone or VHF.

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