Where to rent a yacht in Croatia?
Bol Yacht Charter
Yachting in Bol, Croatia offers a unique and unforgettable experience, with its crystal clear waters, stunning beaches, and charming coastal town.
Brac Yacht Charter
Is a dream come true for sailing enthusiasts, with its tranquil bays, hidden coves, and picturesque landscapes that showcase the beauty of the Adriatic Sea.
Dubrovnik Yacht Charter
Sailing in Dubrovnik, Croatia offers a perfect blend of history and natural beauty, with its UNESCO World Heritage old town, scenic coastline, and numerous islands waiting to be explored.
Konavle Yacht Charter
Yachting in Konavle, Croatia is a peaceful and authentic experience, with its unspoiled landscapes, charming fishing villages, and warm hospitality of the locals.
Korcula Yacht Charter
Sailing in Korcula, Croatia is a true adventure for seafarers, with its crystal-clear waters, picturesque anchorages, and fascinating history that dates back to the times of the ancient Greeks.
Makarska Yacht Charter
Renting a yacht in Makarska, Croatia is a fantastic way to explore the stunning Dalmatian coast, with its breathtaking scenery, secluded bays, and lively coastal towns.
Novalja Yacht Charter
Yachting in Novalja, Croatia is an exciting and vibrant experience, with its crystal-clear waters, beautiful beaches, and lively party scene that attracts young travelers from all over the world.
Pula Yacht Charter
A sea adventure in Pula, Croatia is a journey through time, with its well-preserved ancient Roman ruins, rugged coastline, and vibrant marine life that offer a unique and unforgettable experience for adventurers.
Rabac Boat Charter
Yachting in Rabac, Croatia is a tranquil and picturesque experience, with its idyllic bays, crystal-clear waters, and charming seaside town that offer a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Rovinj Boat Charter
Discover the hidden gems of the Istrian coast, with its stunning islands, turquoise waters, and authentic fishing villages waiting to be explored.
Sibenik Boat Charter
Yachting in Sibenik, Croatia offers a delightful mix of history, culture, and natural beauty, with its UNESCO World Heritage-listed old town, stunning archipelago, and numerous attractions that appeal to all types of travelers.
Split Boat Charter
Sailing in Split, Croatia is a unique experience, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and picturesque coastline that offers a wide range of opportunities for sailing enthusiasts to discover the beauty of the Adriatic Sea.
Tisno Boat Charter
A sea adventure in Tisno, Croatia is an unforgettable experience, with its breathtaking scenery, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant music scene that attracts a diverse crowd of travelers from all over the world.
Trogir Boat Charter
Yachting in Trogir, Croatia is a must-try experience for boaters, with its impressive medieval architecture, stunning coastline, and easy access to nearby islands that make it a perfect base for exploring the Dalmatian coast.
Zadar Boat Charter
Yacht rental in Zadar, Croatia offers an exceptional opportunity to discover the beauty of the region, with its magnificent coastline, secluded bays, and rich cultural heritage that make it a true gem of the Adriatic.
Sailing holidays in Croatia, what is it like?
Sailing holidays in Croatia are a popular and unforgettable experience. With its stunning coastline, crystal-clear waters, and countless islands, Croatia is one of the most beautiful sailing destinations in the world.

During a sailing holiday in Croatia, you can explore the country's historic cities, charming fishing villages, and picturesque islands. You can swim, snorkel, and sunbathe in secluded coves and bays, or enjoy water sports like windsurfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding.

The weather in Croatia is generally warm and sunny during the sailing season, which runs from May to October. The sea is warm enough for swimming and snorkeling throughout the season, with temperatures ranging from 20 to 28°C.

The cuisine in Croatia is a highlight of any sailing holiday, with fresh seafood, grilled meats, and delicious local wines on offer. You can also enjoy local specialties like truffles, olive oil, and cheeses, as well as traditional Croatian desserts like strudel and fritule.
The best time to visit the Croatia
The most budget yachting Croatia
The best time to visit Croatia is during the shoulder seasons of May-June and September-October, when the weather is mild, the crowds are smaller, and the prices are lower, but the summer months of July and August offer the warmest weather and the most lively atmosphere.
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Renting a sailboat in Croatia allows you to explore the stunning coastline and islands at your own pace, without the constraints of a fixed itinerary or schedule. You can choose your own destinations, anchor in secluded coves, and enjoy the freedom and adventure of sailing in one of the most beautiful parts of the Mediterranean.
There are many beautiful and interesting sights to see along the Croatian coast.
Here are 10 ideas of what to see:
Useful information about the country
The climate in Croatia varies depending on the region. Generally, the country has a Mediterranean climate along the Adriatic coast, with mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. The best time to visit Croatia is during the summer months (June-August) when the weather is warm and sunny. However, this is also the busiest time of year for tourism. Spring (April-May) and autumn (September-October) are also good times to visit as the weather is still pleasant and there are fewer tourists.
Air temperature in Croatia