Tuscany – Elba – Corsica
Tuscany and the Tuscan Archipelago, located in the heart of Italy, offer an exceptional yacht charter destination. Sailing in this region means navigating clear blue waters, enjoying favorable winds, and discovering charming coastal towns rich in Italian culture and history.
This area is known for its diverse natural beauty, from the rolling hills and vineyards of the mainland to the islands' rugged landscapes and pristine beaches. Elba, the largest island in the Tuscan Archipelago, is famous for its association with Napoleon and its beautiful beaches, making it a perfect stop for swimming and exploration. Capraia Island offers unspoiled nature and tranquil anchorages.

Additionally, the itinerary includes a visit to Corsica, adding an extra dimension of exploration and adventure to your sailing journey. Corsica, with its rugged coastline and beautiful beaches, offers a distinct cultural and natural experience, complementing the Tuscan adventure.
The prevailing winds are Mistral and Sirocco. Sirocco blows from the southeast, bringing humid and sticky weather, while the fresh Mistral blows from the northwest. When the Mistral is too strong, it's advisable to sail on the southern side of Elba for more favorable conditions. Tuscany's Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and warm summers, makes the sailing season ideal from May through October.
This route begins and ends at Marina di Scarlino. The nearest airport is Pisa Airport, located approximately 115 km away. Marina di Scarlino is a hub for charter companies, providing a wide selection of yachts to suit all preferences.

The total length of the route is about 150 nautical miles.
7-Day Route
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Detailed Route from Tuscany
Day 7, Friday: Porto Azzurro – Marina di Scarlino
Return to Marina di Scarlino, with a swim stop at Cala Violina. Enjoy the scenic sail along the Tuscan coast, reflecting on the beautiful journey.

Celebrate the end of your trip with a meal at Ristorante Vittorio, known for its seafood.
20 nm, about 3.5 h
Yacht check-in day. Ready for an early check-in? Set sail from Marina di Scarlino along the picturesque Tuscany coastline towards Portoferraio, the main port and capital of Elba Island, on the same day. The journey offers views of the Golfo di Follonica and the Punta Ala headland. Stop for a swim at Cala Mandriola, known for its clear waters.

In Portoferraio, explore the Medici Fortress and the Villa dei Mulini, Napoleon's former residence during his months in exile. Stroll through the charming old town and enjoy local seafood dishes at Osteria Pepenero.
Day 1, Saturday: Marina di Scarlino – Portoferraio (Elba)
20 nm, about 3.5 h
Recommended docking spot:
Cosimo de Medici – Marina di Portoferraio (70 berths, fuel)
Esaom Cesa S.p.A. – Portoferraio (300 berths, just 500 m from Portoferraio)
Day 2, Sunday: Portoferraio (Elba) – Capraia Island
Navigate from Portoferraio towards Capraia, a charming volcanic island located northwest of Elba. Approaching the island from the southeast, make a stop for snorkeling near Cala del Ceppo, known for its quiet cove and crystal-clear water.

Capraia Island offers scenic landscapes and a quiet village atmosphere. Wander through the narrow streets to the Fortress of San Giorgio, an imposing structure that is now privately owned but offers beautiful views overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Enjoy fresh fish and local wines at La Garitta, a restaurant with a panoramic sea view.
28 nm, about 4.7 h
Day 3, Monday: Capraia Island – Macinaggio (Corsica)
25 nm, about 4.2 h
Depart Capraia Island and head towards Macinaggio, Corsica. Macinaggio is known for its beautiful beaches and is a popular destination for sailors due to its scenic coastal views and charming atmosphere.

Approaching Corsica, you pass by the Îles Finocchiarola, where the remnants of the Tour Gênoise de Finocchiarola stand tall on one of the islands. The tower is not accessible, as all landings are prohibited to protect the nesting seabirds. Similar towers were constructed in large numbers during a time when Barbary invasions were frequent. These towers are mostly found along the coast, with some located in the villages.

Visit Tamarone Beach, a lovely spot perfect for a relaxing afternoon swim. Additionally, you can take a walk along the "sentier des douaniers" to visit the Tour Santa Maria de la Chapelle. This picturesque tower, even though half-destroyed, provides a unique view. The path to the tower is also scenic, running along the Corsican coast, and there are several beaches along the way where you can stop for a swim. The town is ideal for leisurely strolls along the marina. Enjoy fresh seafood at La Vela d'Oro.
Recommended docking spot:
Capraia Marina (303 berths, fuel)
Capraia mooring field or anchoring
Recommended docking spot:
Port de Plaisance de Macinaggio (605 berths, fuel)
Baie de Macinaggio anchoring
Day 4, Tuesday: Macinaggio (Corsica) – Marina Marciana (Elba)
Set sail from Macinaggio back to Elba, enjoying views of the Tuscan Archipelago along the way. Stop for a swim at Punta del Cotoncello, known for its pristine waters.

Make your way to the charming Marina Marciana, situated close to the town of Marciana, which has preserved its historical identity and original features despite the influx of tourism. The village is adorned with picturesque houses and villas nestled in the lush green hills. Dine at Capo Nord, a restaurant known for its seafood and pasta. Reservations are recommended for dinner, especially during peak season.
30 nm, about 5 h
Recommended docking spot:
Marciana Marina (115 berths, fuel)
Circolo Vela Marina Marciana (100 berths, fuel)
Ormeggi Da Massimo – mooring field
Day 6, Thursday: Marina di Campo – Porto Azzurro (Elba)
Sail along Elba's western coast, with a swim stop at Pomonte Beach, famous for its underwater wreck of the Elviscot. The waters here are ideal for snorkeling and exploring marine life.

Continue further south and make a stop for lunch and a swim at Fetovaia Bay on Elba's southern coast, known for its pristine waters and sandy beach.
Marina di Campo has a long sandy beach and a lively promenade. Enjoy a meal at Da Piero, a local favorite known for its seafood.
Sail along Elba's southern coast, stopping for a swim and lunch at Spiaggia di Remaiolo, a bay known for its calm waters and scenic views. Porto Azzurro is a fishing village with picturesque streets and a bustling harbor. Visit Forte Longone for stunning views of the harbor. The fort is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest, and a path from there leads to a small, hidden beach.

Dine at Osteria dei Quattro Gatti, a restaurant serving Italian cuisine in a delightful setting and recognized by the Michelin Guide. Reservations are recommended for dinner.

At sunset, take a walk along the panoramic trail called Passeggiata Carmignani, which leads to the beach and offers beautiful views of the bay.
Day 5, Wednesday: Marina Marciana – Marina di Campo (Elba)
8 nm, about 1.3 h
15 nm, about 2.5 h
Recommended docking spot:
Porto Azzurro Marina (100 berths, fuel)
Cala di Mola anchoring
Recommended docking spot:
Porto di Marina di Campo (150 berths, fuel)
Rada di Marina di Campo anchoring
Remember that docking in ports and marinas requires making a reservation with confirmation in advance, especially during high seasons.

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