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Yacht events redefine networking, uniting clients, partners, and business communities amidst breathtaking backdrops. Sail for a week, discuss ideas onboard, or host a conference against scenic vistas. Yacht gatherings meld professional growth with adventure, fostering genuine connections under starlit skies. These experiences transcend traditional networking, leaving lasting impressions and forging bonds. In a digital age, yacht events offer a fresh, impactful approach to networking, where business horizons expand as you cruise into the future
For your business regatta we can offer the most popular yachting regions
  • Croatia
    June - September
  • Greece
    May - October
  • Turkey
    April - November
  • Thailand
    November - April
  • Italy
    May - September
  • Spain
    May - September
  • Montenegro
    June - September
  • Seychelles
    December - March
How it's going
We have 10 years experience in organising business flotillas and corporate regattas and can help you with all steps
  • Location
    We will offer you the best location for your sailing event. It depends on the number of participants, the season and the yachting infrastructure
  • Period
    We sell over 1000 yacht weeks by the year and we are well aware of where the best weather is for sailing
  • Fleet
    We advise and select the best yachts in any part of the world. We are specialists in yacht charter and will tell you in detail how to book a fleet for your sailing event
  • Budget
    We will prepare and calculate for you a detailed cost estimate for organising such an event
  • Organisation
    We organise the best yachting events around the world and we know all about it. We will take care of all the preparatory work and control the realisation at the time of the event
Event schedule
Day Zero
A day of yachts check-in, food deliveries onboard, merch preparation, uniforms, flags and stickers for the yachts.
Day One
Arrival of participants, meeting at the airport, transfer to the marina and accommodation on yachts. Meet the captains, briefing and first sailing experience. Sail to a new location. General dinner ashore and evening programme.
Day Two
Morning sports exercise. Breakfast and going to the sea. Sailing practice and training. Allocation of roles in the team and practice manoeuvres. Lunch at anchor in a quiet bay and mooring in the new marina. Evening promenade and intellectual game during dinner for participants. Overnight stay onboard.
Day Three
Sports morning and breakfast.
Shore adventure quest through the ancient ruins and key sights of the island. Out to sea and first race of the day. Lunch at anchor. Second race of the day. Finish of regatta at a new location. Awarding of the winners of the day. Evening movie on the sails.
Day Four
Lazy Day. A trip inland to a winery, a cookery workshop of national cuisine or a day for a business meeting in a conference hall . No going out to sea. Night party
Day Five
Morning Sailing School. Sailing racing skills from the skippers. Rules of Sailing Racing. Young yachtsman course. Scoring route race for all teams. Finish. Dinner for all participants with award ceremony.
Day Six
Return to the home marina on a free schedule. Stop for a swim. Refuelling of yachts with fuel. Mooring in the home marina. Final dinner and presentation of commemorative prizes. Party and overnight stay on the yachts.
Day Seven
Morning breakfast.
Check-out from the yachts at 9am.
Finalisation of the event and transfer to the airport.
How much does it cost?
The cost depends on the format of the event, the number of people, fleet and locations. Here are the costs of the package programmes
Yachts with captains
The most budget-friendly format. We will find the best priced yachts for you and hire recommended captains. There are 6-8 people on the boat. We will advise you on the itinerary and book your berths in marinas. Our Travel Manager will advise you on the programme. A smart choice for those who don't want to overpay for organisation

We will organise a flotilla of premium yachts with a captains for you. On your request we will offer you standard class catamarans. Airport transfers for the group and all shore programme included. Not including dinners. But you can eat every day on the yachts and not go to restaurants at all. This is the golden mean in our package offer

All Inclusive Pack
The choice for those who don't want to be distracted by organisational hassle. We made a package ALL INCLUDED: Best yachts, polite captains, event merch, food delivery and dinner for each day, unique itinerary, photo and video operator, shore programme and the best experience of your event
Who are the participants in the sailing events?
For corporate regattas, top managers and employees
Yacht regattas are the best team building activities. Especially in times of Zoom meetings and online communications. You will see your employees differently in their new role
For Business Clubs and Networking Communities
Connections rule the world. And business clubs need to find new formats for networking activities. Yachting is the ideal format for socialising and business meetings under sails
For your top customers
Invite your best customers to your regatta. The loyalty of these customers to your company will be even higher. Such a trip can serve as a reward for co-operation and choosing your company
For partners and investors
Important partners require special events. We will organise a yacht event for you, to which you can invite your partners or investors. All business goals are achieved in an informal atmosphere. Win under sail, win in business!
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