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Why choose September and October for yachting

Experience the tranquility of popular destinations with more available marinas and anchorage spots.
Fewer tourists
Take advantage of lower charter rates and marina fees. Charter prices are on average 20% lower than in high season.
Lower Prices
Average water temperatures in the Mediterranean remain warm at 22-24°C, providing comfortable swimming conditions while the sun is less intense.
Ideal Climate

Top destinations for September & October

Croatia offers a mix of stunning coastline, historic towns, and clear waters. It's a paradise for yachtsmen, with over 1,000 islands to explore. The region offers a good variety of monohulls and catamarans.
Popular Routes: Navigate through the vibrant marine life and hidden coves of Split, explore the cultural heritage of Zadar, or relax on the tranquil beaches of Murter. Generally calm waters and well-marked routes make it ideal for sailors of all levels.


Sailing season:
May – End of September
Average temperature in September:
24°C (air), 22°C (water)
Marina fees:
100-200 € per night
Average charter prices in Croatia in September are 26% lower than the peak summer rates.
Greece is known for its stunning islands, lively old towns, delicious local cuisine and historic attractions.
Popular Routes: Sail through the Saronic Gulf for family trips with calm waters and minimal waves, or explore the Cyclades for a more adventurous experience, including destinations like Mykonos (be mindful of strong winds).


Sailing season:
End of April – End of October
Average temperature in September:
25°C (air), 23°C (water)
Marina fees:
Typically 30-60 € per night,
Average charter prices in Greece in September are 25% lower than the peak summer rates.
more expensive in popular spots like Mykonos. Most marinas are affordable, although they might have poor infrastructure.
Italy offers a stunning coastline, rich culture and delicious cuisine.
Popular Routes: Consider sailing along the Amalfi Coast or exploring the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. While the waters around the Amalfi Coast and Sicily are generally calm, there's a potential for strong winds around Sardinia.


Sailing season:
May – End of September
Average temperature in September:
23°C (air), 22°C (water)
Marina fees:
90-150 € per night in Sicily, 100-180 € in the Gulf of Naples
Average charter prices in Italy in September are 7% lower than the peak summer rates.
Spain offers an ideal sailing destination with stunning nature, ancient sights and modern architecture, bustling cities and secluded islands.
Popular Routes: Consider sailing around the Balearic Islands, including Mallorca and Ibiza, which offer a mix of bustling nightlife and tranquil beaches. The waters around the Balearic Islands are generally calm, making them ideal for leisurely sailing.


Sailing season:
May – End of September
Average temperature in September:
27°C (air), 25°C (water)
Marina fees:
50-100 € per night in the Balearic Islands.
Average charter prices in Spain in September are 24% lower than the peak summer rates.
Marina quality is high, with well-maintained facilities.
Turkey’s coast blends ancient history with natural beauty, featuring turquoise waters and impressive landscapes.
Popular Routes: Sail from Marmaris to Bodrum, or explore Göcek and Fethiye. Generally calm waters with occasional strong winds in open areas.


Sailing season:
April – Beginning of November
Average temperature in September:
25°C (air), 23°C (water)
Marina fees:
Typically 50-70 € per night,
Average charter prices in Turkey in September are 11% lower than the peak summer rates.
with some marinas offering free mooring if you dine at their restaurants.

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